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Bringing Broadband to Rural Texas

Austin, TX. (July 1, 2018) - There are times when volunteer firefighter Jerry Bell could really use a broadband internet connection to find water or to pull up Google Maps for a better fix on his location.

But because Bell and his fellow Lake Palo Pinto Volunteer Fire Department members often find themselves battling a blaze miles from town, that’s not available.

“Once you get out in the field you can’t get anything,” said Bell, who lives in Gordon, a city of about 470 people, 65 miles west of Fort Worth in Palo Pinto County. “For rural counties, this is a problem.”

About 94 percent of Texas households have access to broadband service, but only 70 percent of rural Texas households have broadband access, and a lack of granular data means that the available figures may not show the full extent of the problem

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