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BRIDGING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE: Creating an Even Playing Field in an Era of Digital Education

By Melissa, The Mommyhood Chronicles

(September 15, 2018) - As students start heading back to classrooms across the country, instead of pencils and paper, many children rely on laptops and the internet to do their work. According to a recent study, 96.5% of students need internet access to do their homework. That makes home internet access a vital tool for completing homework, staying in touch with teachers and even collaborating with classmates on group projects.Digital Inclusion Or Transforming Education 7 300x225

This reliance on the internet has given rise to a phenomenon called the “homework gap” among students who don’t have a reliable home internet source. That leaves students to come up with creative solutions, like doing their homework on computers at the public library or using free Wi-Fi from the parking lot outside a local fast food restaurant.

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