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Black Friday’s Cyber Impact on Texas Businesses is Undeniable

Thanksgiving week always ends with the Black Friday shopping frenzy. This week promises the same inevitable end, but a portion of Texas businesses will be shut out of the online revenue opportunity.

 src= sales in Texas account for approximately $32.2 billion in annual sales revenue, yet approximately 87,000 Texas businesses still do not use or have access to broadband.

In general, small businesses consider their broadband connection as essential to their business as other utilities such as water, sewer, or electricity! That’s the finding of a 2010 study from the Small Business Administration. In fact, the businesses that took part in that study reported that Internet service is “an important tool for achieving strategic goals, improving competitiveness and efficiency, reaching customers, and interacting with vendors.”

Broadband-connected Texas businesses bring in approximately $120,000 more in annual median revenues than those without broadband.

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