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Aging Americans Need Access Too

Bowling Green, Ky. (March 21, 2019) - National organizations as well as state and federal lawmakers agree – older Americans must have access to broadband and its related technologies.

In a recent news release, AARP Georgia emphasized the importance of providing broadband services to senior citizens across the United States. To help do this, 8697941695 60d675519a B 300x200they are supporting House Bill 135 (HB135) dubbed the Authorized Electronic Monitoring In Long-Term Care Facilities Act in Georgia.

“This bill would have given nursing home residents and their family members the ability to install a monitoring device in the resident’s room,” said Alisa Jackson, Author at AARP States. “This technology will afford an opportunity for virtual visitation, which will help family caregivers to remain connected with their loved ones, and to contribute by being a part of the resident’s care team.”

It’s a sentiment echoed in a report released by the White House just this month.  In the Emerging Technologies to Support an Aging Population report, the Trump administration identified the six key ways technology has the potential to help Americans live a long and healthy life. One of those is access to healthcare and telemedicine.

Routine access to healthcare plays a critical role in helping older adults stay active and independent as they age, while telemedicine can help align and coordinate care to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and availability of healthcare services.

Seniors 3 300x199Connected Nation agrees that telemedicine is a new and better way for doctors and hospitals to better communicate with their patients. According to findings, presented by CN’s Director of Research Development, Chris McGovern, 95% of survey respondents with home internet service said that they have gone online to interact with doctors, specialists, and other healthcare professionals.

So why does this matter? By having internet access, you will stay connected to the rest of the world, and improve the overall quality of your life at any age and that includes helping older citizens live independently in their homes and communities.

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