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A Very Successful Summit

Yesterday, our team kicked off TIA 2012 with the Connected Texas Broadband Summit - hosting two panels of broadband experts and interested parties of librarians, educators, and local officials.

The theme?  If we continue to work together, we can bring broadband to more schools, businesses, homes, and communities across Texas and continue to find innovative ways to promote digital literacy and adoption.

Texas Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples was the keynote speaker and gave encouraging news about the government’s efforts to expand broadband use: 

"In every discussion we're thinking about how we can tie business, consumers, students, and medical together through broadband."

The first collection of panelists was comprised of providers both large and small that are reaching out to rural communities, businesses, schools, and governments to explain the cost-effective manner in which they’re bringing broadband opportunity to more areas across the Lone Star state.

We finished with a panel of educators and librarians who explained how broadband is improving the classroom experience, turning Texas libraries into digital hubs of learning and communication, and providing new, powerful tools for learning.

The event was a great success and the extensive Q&A shows that local citizens are interested in the progress that is being made, and excited by the opportunity that is being created as we continue working with our partners to bridge the digital divide.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us on Facebook and Twitter to get the very latest news from the 2012 Broadband Summit.

To those who attended:  Thank you for making our event a success!