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10 Ways to Avoid Phishing E-mails and other E-mail Scams

(November 3, 2011) - As a follow-up to National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, below are tips to help you stay safe online:


1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Be suspicious of unsolicited e-mail messages. If an unknown individual claims to be from a legitimate organization, try to verify his or her identity directly with the company.

3. Treat e-mail attachments with caution.

4. Don’t click links in e-mail messages.

5. Do not reveal personal or financial information via unsecured e-mail.

6. Don't send sensitive information over the Internet before checking a website's security.

7. Take advantage of any anti-phishing features offered by your e-mail client and web browser.

8. Configure your e-mail client for security.

9. Learn the e-mail policies of the organizations you do business with.

10. Take your time. Resist any urge to "act now" despite the offer and the terms. Once you turn over your money, you may never get it back.


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