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With an Eye to America's Future Economic Prosperity Congress Unanimously Passes Historic Broadband Legislation

Today, S1492, the Broadband Data Improvement Act, passed the Senate unanimously after moving through the House yesterday in the same fashion – and is now on its way to the President’s desk. As such, every member of Congress has promoted the importance of broadband and the related technologies that are enabled when communities and families have the ability and desire to connect to a world of opportunity.

Whenever a broad coalition has invested greatly in successfully promoting policy that is of personal importance and relevance we are easily given to lofty praise and accolades of the highest kind. Today, that inclination is only fueled, not dampened, by the current economic crisis facing the United States.

One of the hallmarks of American fortitude is that even in the face of divisive debate our nation’s leaders are capable of working together to promote and enable a vision for a better tomorrow.

For the United States, this new broadband policy will mean better education, more jobs, improved healthcare, more efficient government and a better quality of life accessible for all Americans, regardless of their location or socio-economic circumstances.

Connected Nation has been but only a part of ensuring that Congress would take such a bold step to ensuring the strength of America’s leadership in a global and intensely connected economy.

To the numerous individuals and organizations who have invested so much time and energy into the process of shaping and promoting a national broadband policy we offer heartfelt gratitude. Moreover, to the Members of Congress, particularly the sponsors and the members of the committees of jurisdiction and their staff who have invested so much as well, we are indeed appreciative and humbled by your service to the country. Connected Nation will work doggedly to make certain that the return is high on this investment in progress.

Now is the time to put our shoulder into the work before us. We look forward to continuing this effort with such an esteemed and broad coalition as together we engage with communities across the nation to ensure that all of our citizens are able to access the promise of innovation and ingenuity - the promise of the American dream.

Thank You.
Brian Mefford