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What Connected Nation’s Engineering and Technical Services Team can do for your state

Bowling Green, Kentucky (April 5, 2024) - John Determan, Director of Engineering & Technical Services at Connected Nation (CN), is responsible for overseeing the national nonprofit’s broadband mapping efforts. He manages the groundwork while also recording the data during the mapping process. In a recent video, Determan shared how his team’s efforts contribute to the mission of CN: to close the Digital Divide.

Below are some of the primary services Determan’s team offers to states nationwide:

  1. Provider-facing entity (to collect and garnish data)
  2. Fixed wireless testing
  3. Propagation analysis
  4. Verification and validation
  5. Nationwide projects for federal entities
  6. Outreach functionality

All of these resources are designed to help ensure that the money states put toward broadband does not go to waste, but it is used “wisely and efficiently,” Determan says. He and the entire team at CN hope to expand broadband access to as many locations as possible in the most economically feasible way.

To hear more from Determan, click on the video HERE!