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US Chamber of Commerce Partners with Connected Nation

From Jason Goldman at the US Chamber of Commerce

In a BusinessWeek article posted today, Chamber partner Connected Nation received well-deserved recognition for its efforts to promote broadband deployment to underserved rural communities. The lack of broadband not only "makes it harder for businesses to get work done, but also impedes workers' efforts to find jobs [and] puts students at a disadvantage." For households with only dial-up Internet available to them, actually driving to the office or someplace else with a broadband connection might actually take less time than waiting at home for videos, photos, and other large files to be received or sent.

The Chamber supports the public-private partnership model set forth by Connected Nation and earlier this year, partnered with the organization on the Connect! campaign, a national tour to promote broadband connectivity, and its benefits to education, healthcare, agriculture, business and the U.S. economy. Read more about Connect! at