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The Power of Broadband: The Public Television Perspective

In Kentucky, preparing to take the GED exam and learning workplace and life skills is now easier, instant and free—thanks to Kentucky Educational Television's FastForward, an online educational service that provides instant, free access to lifelong learning videos to Kentucky residents.

The free service has several program series:

  • "GED Connection"—helps people prepare for all five subjects on the GED exam, with special attention to the calculator used on the exam, the essay, special answer formats and test day tips. KET has been a national leader for decades in using technology to help adults get their GED
  • "Pre-GED"—covers reading, writing, math, science and social studies skills
  • "Workplace Essential Skills"—helps jobseekers find and retain employment
  • "TV411"—a life skills series featuring actors, writers, sports figures and everyday people.

And, without broadband, these services couldn't and wouldn't happen. Hundreds of thousands of Kentucky households have gained access to broadband since the inception of the ConnectKentucky initiative in 2004, and Kentucky's broadband adoption rate has more than doubled over the same time period.

KET's successful on-line program has garnered attention some public attention, including from the Association of Public Television Stations, and here at Connected Nation. (KET is an in-state partner of the successful Kentucky broadband initiative, ConnectKentucky.)

We think KET's work is a tangible example of how broadband can change lives, providing education, life and work skills in an effective, instant way.

We invite you to check out FastForward and other programs offered by APTS and its members' stations.