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Technology report shows increasing connectivity in Utah Schools

Salt Lake City, Utah (December 26, 2023) - Over the past two months, the Utah Education Network (UEN) conducted its fifth biannual Utah School Technology Inventory. School technology directors, administrators, teachers and other staff members from both charter schools and public school districts across the state have taken part in the inventory.

For the past eight years, UEN has partnered with the national nonprofit Connected Nation (CN) to oversee the digital technology and learning (DT&L) inventory. The first iteration — completed in 2015 — provided initial details on how Utah classrooms use technology and the access teachers and students have to digital materials, devices and platforms.

“Utah’s local education agencies (LEAs) and individual schools can use the DT&L inventory data and reports to help make effective decisions about how technology is enhancing and supporting the learning process in our connected classrooms throughout the state,” said Cory Stokes, UEN Senior Project Manager. “With this information, UEN and the LEAs can better plan and provide the bandwidth and services needed for students across the state.” 

The preliminary findings that UEN and CN were able to capture included 82,600 data points, representing 1,034 schools across Utah.

While the full report will be available to the public in early 2024, below are some preliminary findings from the upcoming report: 

Over nearly a decade of data collection, the inventory results show that student access to devices, educational technology tools and robust networks has grown exponentially throughout the state. The inventory and report would not have been possible without the help from UEN’s partner in the project, Connected Nation.

“The CN professionals, working with UEN and school staff, have again certified that 100% of the schools in the state have completed their individual inventory in 2023,” said Stokes. “CN's team of experts have been highly effective in supporting Utah in this important initiative.”

Thanks to the inventory, UEN is better able to plan and make informed decisions relating to DT&L activities and initiatives for its teachers and students across the state.

Check back with UEN in early 2024 for the full report.