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Tech expert offers tips and tricks for staying safe online

Rochester, New York (October 10, 2023) - The COVID-19 pandemic forced thousands of Americans to work from home. While broadband and other technology make it easy to work remotely, there are also many challenges to keeping your information secure online. Ryan Johnson, Director of Information Technology at Connected Nation, offers his best tips for navigating the internet safely.

Passwords should be strong and not include easy-to-guess words like your pet’s or children’s names. Johnson says a good password is one “that's memorable to you but then doesn't necessarily mean something to someone else.” In addition to a good password, using two-factor authentication when available creates another layer of protection.

Always be cautious when clicking on any links or attachments in emails. Phishing via email is a common and easy way for spammers and scammers to gain access to private, personal information. Be wary of contacts you don’t know, and take your time when responding to emails.

Like phishing emails, popup windows also try to get your personal information by conveying a sense of urgency or panic — stating there is an issue with your device, then directing you to visit external links to fix it. By clicking those links, Johnson states that “instead of protecting your system, you're actually contributing to the fraudulent claim that they may be trying to make. Be careful about only updating your systems from known websites.”

Children are being introduced to technology and online spaces at a young age. As a father of five, Johnson says it is crucial that kids are taught how to be safe online. Being upfront about potential dangers and having conversations about monitoring activity are important. The digital footprint children create now can also follow them throughout their lives, so it is imperative to address and emphasize that early on.

As technology evolves, Johnson says that there will continue to be new and different forms of online dangers and risks, but if you take a few important steps to protect yourself, you can navigate the internet safely. Watch the full video below OR click here!