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Mapped states hold advantage in getting broadband funds

July 21, 2009
Washington Watch

By Tim Doyle

Providers in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and other states with their own broadband maps might be at a tremendous advantage in accessing billions of dollars for high-speed Internet lines.

The $7.2 billion allocated for broadband stimulus is set to be disbursed by September 2010. However, an associated effort to create a national broadband map of availability, speed and pricing is not slated to be completed until February 2011.

Therefore, states that made their own broadband maps will hold a distinct advantage over those that lack details on availability and other key data.

"I don't think there's any way around that," Brian Mefford, CEO of the nonprofit Connected Nation, told SNL Kagan in an interview. "Any provider that's interested has the data to validate their application."

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