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Internet Becoming Farm Tool “as Indispensable as Combines”

The American Farm Bureau thinks the power of the Internet is as clear as a Kansas sunrise! In fact, the topics of Twitter, Facebook and blogging are now center stage in a video segment recently posted on the AFB’s home page.

The magazine-style show America’s Heartland” produced the segment, “How ‘Tweet’ It Is,” giving an in-depth look at how social networking is quickly becoming the eyes and ears of the modern American farmer.

Anyone involved in agriculture can now immediately connect with consumers - and with each other, sharing vital information on weather, how crops are fairing and anything else that may impact business. Twitter even sends the latest Greenpeace and Humane Society of America updates into the palm of one working man’s hand.

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It’s clear, the Internet is no longer just for “city folk!” It’s become a powerful tool that’s helping ensure the future success of American agriculture.

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You can watch America’s Heartland” on YouTube or on RFD-TV via cable or satellite, or check your local public television station listings.