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Hat tip to Laura Spining and the folks at the Internet Innovation Alliance for this reference to the Computers for Kids program in TN.

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9:19 AM May 13, 2008

All too often on this blog, I point out problems that may arrive with the coming Exaflood, or I take time to acknowledge the many stakeholders that have not prepared adequately for the future. I've even directed you to a video or two that mock how absolutely crippled we would be if the Internet were ever to crash. But today I need to ask you to check out a video of a different sort.
Connected Nation's, Computers 4 Kids program, recently released a video that features Lotez Holloway, a beneficiary of the program, and a foster care child who tells us that he has been in six homes and four high schools in five years. Through the program, Lotez now has a computer of his own, and in having that computer, has finally found some calm, stability and hope in his life. By having access to the same tools and technology as more fortunate children, Lotez is achieving in school and has big dreams for his future.
We in the corporate world tend to spout statistics and carefully crafted messages about how important computers and broadband are to the future of our economy, and to our quality of life. But what I love about this testimony is when Lotez, completely unscripted, says it so simply and perfectly. When describing why having a computer is so essential now, he says, "it's like your pencil now."
It's like your pencil now. What else is there to say? Kudos to Connected Nation, and their Computers 4 Kids programs, for having an impact on kids like Lotez. I look forward to sharing more of this kind of video with you.

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