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Connected Nation’s Ohio and Illinois Programs Launch New Interactive Mapping Tool

Connect Ohio and Connect Illinois Programs Now Have Latest Broadband Mapping Technology

Washington, D.C. –Today, Connected Nation launched its new interactive broadband mapping platform in its state-based initiatives of Ohio and Illinois making it publicly available on both state’s websites: and

BroadbandStat is designed to provide a multi-functional and comprehensive view of broadband in a state as a roadmap for increased high-speed Internet. Both states held live online demonstrations for more than 200 stakeholders, community leaders, broadband providers, and others outlining the usefulness of the new mapping platform.

Connect Ohio’s Executive Director Tom Fritz explained some of the meaningful ways the average user can use the tool.

“Ohio consumers now have the ability to quickly and easily find participating providers that offer broadband service to their homes,” Fritz said. “The application will also help broadband providers, Ohio municipalities, and economic development organizations pinpoint exactly which areas should be targeted for broadband expansion.”

The broadband-related data can be used for grant writing, broadband investment, economic development, and it gives the public the ability to find information about broadband providers down to the street level. The software allows providers to calculate feasibility plans which could help them decide to expand their business or offer services at a reduced rate to disadvantaged individuals or families, Fritz said.

Morton O’Kelly, chair of the Department of Geography at Ohio State University, complimented the efficiency and use of the tool.

“The mapping tool provides a snapshot of current coverage at a high level of detail,” said O’Kelly. “The assembly of data from major providers is key to a comprehensive portrait of state-wide coverage. As a geographer, I am immediately able to see significant regional contrasts, as well as gain a greater appreciation for the challenges facing providers as they attempt to complete coverage in lower density rural areas.”

Additionally in Ohio, J.C. Wallace, executive director of the Ohio Economic Development Association, noted, “High-speed broadband connectivity is critical to almost every business in Ohio, but especially in manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, retail, and tourism.

“The new tool developed by Connect Ohio should help economic developers market their broadband assets to new and existing businesses, and should also provide our members with vital information to encourage new companies to make investments in broadband services,” Wallace said.

In Illinois, Todd Heinrich, CEO of Genesis Health Technologies, LLC, had this to say: “The broadband mapping tool offered through Connected Nation is one of the better tools we have seen to date, specifically for mapping and drilling in on targeted areas for broadband development and other projects. The drawing capabilities coupled with the measurement capabilities are very useful when, as an example, plotting potential routes of new fiber, while also being able to mark and overlay existing fiber routes with the color feature. Great for being able to accurately budget either middle-mile and last-mile loop.”

Connected Nation joined forces with ESRI, a market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, to create the revolutionary software.

Along with Ohio and Illinois, Connected Nation will be releasing BroadbandStat in nine more states and the territory of Puerto Rico. BroadbandStat was launched in Tennessee earlier this month.

All Connected Nation partner states and territories will be using BroadbandStat to organize the results of data they are currently collecting on available broadband services. This activity is supported by State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program funds that are made available through the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for improving broadband accessibility across the nation.

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