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Connected Nation’s Computers 4 Kids Program Wins 2009 TechStar Award in Tennessee

Recently, Connected Nation’s Computers 4 Kids (C4K) program in Tennessee was given a community service award at the 7th annual TechStar Awards luncheon in Kingsport, Tenn. The award was given for C4K’s commitment of time and resource to help improve the community through technology.

The Computers 4 Kids program is designed to positively impact the future of disadvantaged children in Tennessee by distributing computers to children and families facing economic challenges, in the foster care system or that struggle with behavioral disorders and other issues.

C4K is also enriching the educational landscape of Tennessee’s communities by placing computer labs in non-profit organizations that work to enhance the lives of children and families in their area.

In order to bridge the digital divide between those who have access to computer technology and those who do not, Connected Tennessee has placed more than 2,000 computers over the past 18 months into the hands of disadvantaged populations. The computers allow underserved populations of Tennessee to perform basic computing functions and have access to the abundant educational, informational and governmental resources that are available on the Internet.

“We are starting to see the work of the past two years really come to fruition,” noted Connected Tennessee’s Executive Director, Michael Ramage. “It is rewarding to know that the Computers 4 Kids program is changing lives across Northeast Tennessee and the entire state. We are honored to receive this award and look forward to continuing our efforts to place technology into the hands of the citizens of our state that need it the most.”

Also, the C4K program in Tennessee, received accolades earlier this month at the Congressional Black Caucus’s Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. for its work to connect the underserved west Tennessee community of Stanton with the rest of the world.

C4K recently donated 20 computers to the Saint John After-School Program in Stanton, transforming the program into a hub of connectivity for the entire community.
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