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Connected Nation’s CEO Brian Mefford Interviewed on WJR-AM

Foster Braun, host of the WJR-AM radio program Internet Advisor, interviewed Connected Nation’s CEO Brian Mefford who described the national non-profit’s model for working from state to state to facilitate public-private partnerships and Connect Michigan’s initiative to assist Michiganders in their efforts to plan for and use technology to improve the way citizens work and live.

“Any trip begins with a good map” was the travel metaphor he used to emphasize the significance of the Connect Michigan broadband map roll out in the state.

He explained how the maps are the first means for examining where efforts need to be focused and pointed out that providers need to know where gaps exist. “They know their service territories but not their competitors: said Mefford. “ A provider might not be aware of new neighborhoods that no one has provided access to yet. We see a lot of private sector investment flow immediately when this kind of market intelligence becomes available”.

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