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Connected Nation Welcomes the Federal Communications Commission’s Release of Form 477 Broadband Subscriber Data.

On February 12, the FCC released data on national broadband trends based on the reformed Form 477 data collected from all broadband providers in the United States. This data dates back to 2008. The 2008 reform of Form 477 addressed deficiencies in earlier provider reporting requirements and aims to help better equip national broadband public policy work.

Key changes in the reporting requirements include reporting the number of broadband subscribers by Census Tract rather than by ZIP Code. In addition, broadband subscriber data is now reported by different tiers of download speeds.

Connected Nation believes these reforms will help better inform national and state broadband public policy and welcomes the release of this report.

As a mapping agent under the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s State Broadband Data and Development grant program, Connected Nation is currently working to complete broadband mapping and planning initiatives in 12 states and one U.S. territory. This new FCC Form 477 data will help guide our work. However, we will continue to work with the provider community to meet the more comprehensive and granular NTIA broadband data reporting requirements.

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