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Connected Nation Submits No Bid Response for Kentucky Broadband Mapping RFP

Today, Connected Nation, a national nonprofit and parent company of ConnectKentucky, submitted a no bid response to the Kentucky Commonwealth Office of Technology’s request for proposal (RFP) for broadband mapping due to the impracticable timeline set forward in the RFP.

Kentucky’s RFP for broadband mapping calls for a submission of a substantially complete dataset by Nov. 1, 2009, a full three months earlier than the timeline laid out in the federal guidelines in the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program. With the subsequent RFP approval process, this timeline leaves less than 60 days to collect data and produce a map, in order to take advantage of currently avaliable broadband mapping stimulus funds.

Consequently, Connected Nation’s wealth of experience in creating broadband maps shows that this timeline is simply unrealistic.

“Connected Nation through ConnectKentucky remains committed to working with partners and communities across Kentucky to expand technology availability to the people and places that need it most,” said Brian R. Mefford, Connected Nation’s chairman and CEO. “We wish the Commonwealth well and hope for its success in meeting their goals as solicited in the broadband mapping RFP.”

ConnectKentucky has a long-standing history of broadband mapping and working with state agencies, communities, citizens and broadband providers across Kentucky to expand broadband availability. Numerous letters of support for ConnectKentucky’s programs can be viewed

ConnectKentucky will continue to maintain and foster these relationships, all the while working closely with partners to increase technology availability across the state.