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Connected Nation Provides FCC with Teleworking Research

In a recent public notice, the Federal Communication Commission said that broadband is “transforming the way we work, enabling employees to work wherever and, often, whenever.”

That includes opportunities for the nearly 35 million that are eager to telework, according to Connected Nation research recently filed with the Federal Communications Commission.

Also, according to Connected Nation’s research,

  • An estimated 17.5 million Americans who do not currently work would join the country’s workforce if given the opportunity to telework through a broadband connection. This includes more than 3.9 million retirees, 2.4 million homemakers and approximately 3.9 million adults with disabilities who report that teleworking would make employment compatible with their lives.

Connected Nation applauds the FCC in its recognition that home broadband service is not only a means of entertainment, but also a vital tool to empower America’s 21st century workforce. Connected Nation’s research has shown that teleworking can provide new opportunities for the American workforce, but to do so, home broadband availability and adoption must both increase in order to realize the full potential growth.

Connected Nation filed this research and other comments with the FCC, providing valuable information on the financial, personal, educational and environmental impacts of teleworking.

Key findings include:

  • Nearly nine out of ten teleworkers rely on a broadband connection to work from home, and the broadband connection speeds of teleworkers are significantly higher than the average broadband user.
  • The increased income earnings of these 17.5 million potential new teleworkers is estimated at $739 billion annually, including an additional $163 billion for retirees, $103 billion for homemakers and an additional $166 billion for adults with disabilities.
  • With the addition of a potential 17.5 million newly employed teleworking Americans, net federal revenue is estimated to increase by more than $256 billion annually – and this accounts only for income tax revenue, social security revenue and federal disability savings.
  • CO2 emissions are expected to drop by an additional 105 billion pounds a year if those interested in teleworking had the opportunity to do so. When combined with the emissions reductions from current teleworkers, this is more than the CO2 emissions produced by every passenger car in the states of New York and California each year.
  • Nationally, teleworkers save approximately $5.7 billion annually in fuel alone. If every American worker who would like to telework were enabled to do so, that would result in additional fuel savings of nearly $13.6 billion per year for these Americans. Such a reduction in fuel consumption will significantly contribute to the national goal of energy independence.

To view the entire filing, click here .