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Connected Nation Joins the Ranks of IIA Broadband Ambassadors

Today, the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) announced two important initiatives to better support broadband in the United States: Broadband Ambassadors and the National Broadband Strategy Initiative. The efforts are intended to continue to bring attention to the US’s need for broadband policy and goals to encourage broadband adoption by every citizen.

Connected Nation is excited to be part of IIA's efforts. Brian Mefford, Connected Nation CEO, is serving as a Broadband Ambassador for IIA. Ambassadors are leading Internet executives and academics across key industries and will regularly address the value of universal broadband.

Other ambassadors include Gary Smith, CEO of Ciena Corp. (NASDAQ: CIEN); Dr. David Brailer, Chairman of Health Evolution Partners; Tom Rogers, CEO of TIVO (NASDAQ: TIVO); Bruce Hahn, President of the American Homeowners Grassroots Alliance and the American Homeowners Foundation; Michael Gallagher, CEO of Entertainment Software Association; Russell S. Lewis, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN); Mark McLaughlin, Former Executive Vice President at VeriSign, Inc.; Craig Moffett, Senior Analyst at Sanford Bernstein; and Bret Swanson, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Global Innovation at The Progress & Freedom Foundation.

For more information about IIA’s efforts, click here.