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Connected Nation Encourages Everyone to Take Broadband Speed Tests

Connected Nation knows that “Speed Matters.” As broadband availability continues to expand, we realize that speed availability garners more attention. Broadband brings the possibility of useful but bandwidth heavy applications, which demand high download and upload speeds.

Connected Nation has worked closely with Speed Matters, a public policy and awareness campaign by the Communications Workers of America to invest in our national high speed network and close the digital divide. The campaign allows web visitors to test download and upload speeds in order to better assess broadband speeds.

Connected Nation, ConnectKentucky, Connect Tennessee, Connect Ohio, and Connect West Virginia have long participated in Speed Matters’ effort to create and maintain accurate speed maps highlighting broadband availability. Just this year, Connected Tennessee released a detailed speed map highlighting broadband speeds across the state (learn more).

We encourage you, if you haven't already, to go to the Speed Matters website and participate in the download and upload test.