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Big Announcement at Broadband Communities Summit

 src= week’s Broadband Communities Summit in Dallas is leaving Texas focused on technology like never before with a brand new statewide program focused on digital literacy.

Connected Texas staff was on-hand as both presenters and resources for the gathering of professionals committed to keeping pace with the latest developments in broadband.

Connected Nation’s Michael Ramage presented on the community engagement process needed for successful broadband expansion planning, while Connected Texas Executive Director, Don Shirley, presented on broadband mapping.

REPLACE_THIS_TEXT_WITH_OPENING_IMAGE_TAG alt="" src="" style="width: 249px; height: 166px; margin: 5px; float: right;" title="">The summit also proved the perfect place for Shirley to unveil a major new partnership between Connected Texas, the Texas State Library, and Intel. The Every Community Online program is now in full swing, offering Texans free computer and Internet skills classes at libraries across the state. Participants are then eligible for discounted broadband services and the chance at free computers.

To learn more about the Every Community Online program, please visit the Connected Texas website. And to keep up with the very latest news on Texas broadband access, adoption, and use, make sure to Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.