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All about telehealth in less than 7 minutes

Louisville, Kentucky (October 25 2022) — You’re sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, trying to cram in a quick doctor’s appointment at an office 20 minutes away from your work. When you arrive, you have just enough time to reschedule for a later date because you already have to be back at your desk.

This is a less-than-ideal situation at best. If there is one thing that should be a priority, it should be our health — whether your own or that of a loved one. No one should have to suffer because of inaccessible care.

Recently, the popularity of telehealth has soared. That’ because of the mass realization that telehealth is simple, accessible, and affordable.

“It is a real game changer for how we’re going to be able to deliver care,” says Lisa White, Director of Munson Home Care.  

Telehealth makes it easy to meet with a doctor over the phone, tablet or computer screen. You no longer have to deal with long holds on the phone, hours in waiting rooms, or tedious planning. Virtual visits make it easy for people of all ages and walks of life to get the care they need.

Munson Healthcare [AH1] Nurse Practitioner Lauren Atkinson confirms how easy telehealth is for patients to use. “I had a patient the other day who’s 89, maybe almost 90, who does video visits just fine and is quite technologically savvy,” she says. “So, I think it’s a misconception that most people think they can’t do it, when indeed they can.”

Not only can anyone participate, but telemedicine also provides access to various specialized services. Rather than having to drive 40 minutes to see a specialist, they can come to you. Just open your computer and log on to access services like physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and so much more — all while feeling like you’re getting the same care and experience as an in-person visit.  

Katelyn Johnson, a virtual health specialist, adds, “I just think this is the future of health care, and you’re only going to see it grow.”

We could not agree more!

All about telehealth in less than 7 minutes