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1Gbps Speeds Coming to Households in Rural Texas

Super fast broadband speeds are no longer just an urban legend. The first households in Texas to get 1 Gbps service might actually be in a rural area! Our Connected Texas team has been hard at work with their partners & providers across the state to expand affordable, high-speed access to more communities. The efforts are paying off and soon LiveAir Networks will be making  1 Gpbs download speeds available to residents in Smithville and La Grange. This quote by Executive Director of Connected Texas, Don Shirley, in the Austin Statesman sums things up:

“To be able to offer 1 gigabit service in any area, let alone a rural community, is a big deal. The technology has advanced to where providers can offer faster broadband to our rural areas and we’re partnering with them to make it happen. These investments help drive the economy and will no doubt benefit our state.”

Smithville is located in Bastrop County which last month was designated by Connected Texas as the first certified Connected Community in the state. Bastrop County proves that great things can happen when the right folks get together to advance technology goals. It is amazing to see how rapidly the digital divide is shrinking in both Texas and across the nation thanks to rapid advances in technology and the work of our teams and their partners to leverage that technology for the betterment of communities across the nation!

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