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Connected Nation Texas

Across the Lone Star State

Increasing Connectivity

Connected Nation Texas encourages partnerships with both private and public entities. We value the insights that state agencies, private industries, community groups, and non profits provide in promoting the adoption, access, and use of broadband in the state.

Who We Are

Connected Nation Texas is an independent, public & private initiative working to ensure that all can experience the benefits of broadband. Technology, especially widespread access, use, and adoption of broadband, improves all areas of life. Connected Nation Texas invites you to join us in changing communities and lives across Texas.

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What Others Are Saying

"Although most Texans take for granted a reliable broadband connection, most disconnected Texans are rural. The importance of broadband is crystal clear  without it Texans are not connected to the 21st century. Without broadband, Texans are disconnected from education, health care, and commerce. For that reason, our state must continue to invest in equitable access to broadband, affordable broadband, increasing adoption, and ensuring Texans have 21st-century digital skills."

Wynn Rosser, President & CEO, TLL Temple Foundation

"Access to reliable, high-speed Internet service is paramount to sustaining employment, commerce, and educational attainment within the CAPCOG 10-county region; it also increases the region’s ability to telework, which is just as important as driving to work. Yet in many of the region's counties and cities, reliable internet access is not available. We look forward to growing our partnership with Connected Nation to improve Internet access throughout the 10 counties."

Shelly Hargrove, Director of Community and Economic Development, Capital Area Council of Governments

Broadband Mapping & Analysis

Creating accurate broadband maps is one of the first steps to promoting broadband expansion and technology growth in Texas. The Connected Nation Texas mapping initiative has been working closely this year with broadband providers from across the state to develop a variety of broadband inventory maps for public use.

The broadband maps and statistics were initially published in January 2020. The maps were updated in July 2020, December 2020, July 2021, and most recently, on January 31, 2022, following additional public feedback, field validation, and provider input.

To learn more about current state and federal investment and grant opportunities for broadband infrastructure and related technologies, visit our Related Broadband Funding Page. 

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County Maps

Maps are available here for each county in the state. The maps developed at the statewide level are also available for each county.


Broadband Mapping Feedback

These updated maps now include additional input from residents, businesses, and communities, as well as new, more granular data from Internet service providers (ISPs). Texans are encouraged to submit feedback on the accuracy of the maps using the form attached. 

Broadband Inquiry

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