Connected Nation Texas Technical Assistance Workshops

Connected Nation Texas holds virtual (and free) Broadband Technical Assistance Workshops. The goal of Connected Workshops is to share insights and ideas on broadband-related and other technology-driven topics with communities, including local governments and other stakeholders on effective strategies for expanding broadband access, adoption, and use of technological applications for advancing economic opportunities in local communities and/or unserved and underserved areas of the state.


What Can Connected Nation Do For You?

About the Connected Program

Connected℠ empowers local, collaborative, data-driven technology planning to inform intelligent, digital development by working with a local broadband team. Connected Nation’s staff identifies areas of importance, collects data, and develops a Technology Action Plan that addresses a community’s unique needs.

We provide a series of solutions that can be implemented in the short- and long-term and provide the following:

  • Start-to-finish program guidance and facilitation
  • Customized data-collection tools and expertise for optimizing results
  • Geospatial analysis of community infrastructure that everyone can understand
  • Comprehensive assessment that can be leveraged to pursue resources and funds
  • Connected℠ branding and media support to promote the community’s plan development
  • Membership to the “Community of Communities” for networking and best practices
  • Access and insights to trends, policy and opportunities to advance action items
  • Opportunity to become a Connected℠ - certified community
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