Broadband Mapping & Analysis

Creating accurate broadband maps is one of the first steps to promoting broadband expansion and technology growth in Ohio. The Connected Nation Ohio mapping initiative is working closely with broadband providers from across the state to develop a variety of broadband inventory maps for public use.

The broadband maps and statistics published in November 2019 are preliminary and are scheduled to be updated in March 2020.

Ohioans are encouraged to submit feedback on the accuracy of the maps:

Connected Nation Ohio's staff is also hosting a series of Regional Broadband Forums from January 17 to January 30 across the state that you are invited to attend. You can find more details about those forums here.

The map products available here are in a statewide format. Broadband data are analyzed and these maps have been developed for public review and feedback.

The map products are available here for each county in the state. Most of the maps developed at the statewide level are also avalaible for each county.


My ConnectView, an interactive mapping application, is available for users to create customized map displays, print views, and send feedback.


Access charts and maps can be found here, showing the status of broadband access in Ohio.