Three Ohio Cities Received More than 760 Wireless Broadband Improvements from AT&T

By Lyndsey Kleven

In the past year, three Ohio cities have had improvements to their AT&T wireless broadband infrastructure. Major improvements in the backhaul connections were made.

During 2011, AT&T made more than 300 wireless upgrades in Cleveland, 200 in Columbus, and 260 upgrades in the Cincinnati area. Some of the enhancements include:

· Deploying enhanced backhaul connections to multiple cell sites. Combined with HSPA+ technology, these backhaul deployments enable 4G speeds.

· Adding capacity or an extra layer of frequency to cell sites – like adding lanes to a highway – with the addition of 50 or more of these layers, or “carriers” in these areas.

· Activating several new cell sites to improve network coverage and upgrading more than a half-dozen existing cell sites to provide faster mobile broadband speeds.

“Throughout 2011 we aggressively expanded our mobile broadband network in Columbus so consumers can quickly access the information they need while at home, at work, or while they’re traveling,” said Tom Pelto, president, AT&T Ohio. “Between 2008 and 2010 we invested $1.4 billion in Ohio and throughout 2011 we added more than 50 new cell sites to improve network coverage, upgraded over 130 existing cell sites for faster mobile broadband speeds, and added capacity, or an extra layer of frequency to more than 360 cell sites.”

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