Every Citizen Online Helps More Than Just First-Time Computer Users

By COH Staff

Since January 2011, the Marion Public Library has had 156 people take advantage of their Every Citizen Online (ECO) basic computer-training program. The classes, geared towards beginner computer users, can be beneficial to anyone looking to broaden their current computer and broadband skills.

A Marion County couple, Bob and Marjorie Banks, were prompted to register for the classes after receiving a new laptop computer that had a different operating system from what their previous computer had. Bob Banks classified himself, and his wife, as having a basic level of computer understanding. They’ve owned a computer for 21 years, self-teaching themselves how to use it and managing to get by with this knowledge. However, they needed to learn to navigate the new operating system. After completing the 6 hours of ECO computer training, the Banks’ gained knowledge about the computer they could have never imagined existed.

“There were things we could have been using all along, had we known that the features existed,” said Bob Banks. “We also learned how to navigate the web, which was very beneficial to us. We learned how to go about searching the web, rather than needing to know an exact web address.”

Mr. Banks was excited to learn he could stream sporting events on their computer, a leisure activity he much enjoys. The Banks’ knew the option of watching games online was available, but they did not know how to access them.

“I would absolutely recommend these classes to other people,” said Banks. “I have told my neighbors and friends about the course. Even if they think they know a lot about computers, they can walk away knowing a lot more than they knew before.”

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