Connect Ohio Follows up with Every Citizen Online Computer Giveaway Winners

By COH Staff

After awarding laptops to the 12 winners of the Every Citizen Online (ECO) computer give-away, a follow up was in order to see what the computer winners are doing now.

We checked in with one computer winner, Sharon Kiener, to see what she is able to do now that she has her own laptop computer. Kiener says her main use of her new laptop is for personal enjoyment. She is getting help from family to upload family photos and is currently in the process of organizing them.

“After I upload all of them and get the pictures organized, I plan on eventually being able to access the Internet and share them with family and friends,” Kiener said.

Kiener is also planning on activating an eBay account and eventually hopes to one day to be able to sell some of her antiques collection online.

Another laptop winner, Brandy Archer, previously mentioned to Connect Ohio that she was without a job since August of 2010. After winning the computer, she was hopeful that having computer access could help her get closer to returning to the workforce.

After following up with Archer, she credited Connect Ohio’s ECO computer classes at the Community Action Council of Portage County for, helping her learn basic computer skills which she was able to practice on her new laptop.

Archer feels very lucky to have been one of the laptop winners. Having the laptop has allowed her to be able to update her resume and cover letter, which is helping her take the steps of getting back into the work-force.

Not only has having a computer helped her professionally, but is also great for her personal use. Archer enjoys playing games on her new computer and is also able to keep in touch with family much more easily.

Accessing the Internet and surfing the web at the public library are much more convenient now. “Having the laptop has increased my ability to do things on the Internet while I’m there,” said Archer. “I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity to participate; thank you to everyone who played a part.”

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