Senior Series: Part 2, The Tech Savvy Senior

By Lyndsey Kleven

The assumption that many people have about senior citizens being technologically disconnected would be incorrect. The percentage of senior citizens, 65 or older, who are online in Ohio may seem low with only 37% subscribing to home broadband Internet service, but this number is continuing to grow at a steady pace. Since 2008, this number has increased by over 10% and only continues to progressively increase.

So what exactly are seniors doing online? The number one online activity performed by 88.6% of seniors was checking personal e-mail, according to a 2009 blog on The other top 5 online activities include: viewing maps, checking the weather, viewing and paying bills, and viewing or posting photos.

The top five destinations visited by seniors online are the following:

  • Google Search
  • Windows Media Player
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Amazon


One activity that may come as a surprise to many people is social media. According to an article from online, 11% of people on Facebook are senior citizens. The number of female seniors on Facebook is 63%, which is much greater than the 37% of male seniors.

There are a few predominant reasons for seniors wanting to get on Facebook. Most (40%) are turning to this social networking site to connect with family and old friends. The other two most popular reasons are to share pictures, at 30%, and social gaming, at 20%.

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