Broadband Inquiry Process Helps Ohioans Connect

By COH Staff

After being fed up with limited Internet provider options, Kevin King stumbled upon the Connect Ohio website where he found information about the Broadband Inquiry process. The options of having dial up internet, or service through a 3G cellular service provider were available, but King was looking to get high-speed wireless broadband service.

King searched his home address in Connect Ohio’s BroadbandStat interactive mapping tool and the results showed broadband provider options King was already aware of, as well as an option for broadband service unfamiliar to him. According to the results, King was able to get Country Connections for his broadband needs.

After looking into this broadband service option, he found that they had a broadcasting tower less than 10 miles from his home with a strong signal, so Kevin signed up. Right after installation King saw a huge improvement over his previous options.

King says, having high-speed broadband service at home “has opened up a whole new world” for him.

Now, it is possible for him to watch YouTube videos, download music, and connect to work. King’s family is also utilizing their improved Internet connection. His son is able to access to his online college account and the rest of the family is able to e-mail, pay bills online, and shop.

“Surfing became a relatively simple task, instead of a frustrating, time–consuming activity,” shared Kevin. “Overall, it just frees up so much time and has removed so much aggravation that it is almost unbelievable.”

Exploring broadband coverage is easy to do through the Connect Ohio website and our interactive mapping tool, BroadbandStat. The interactive map takes your address and can find a list of providers claiming to have broadband service for your location. Check out our BroadbandStat at

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