Smart Phone and Laptop Usage on the Rise

By COH Staff

It seems that everyone today uses a cell phone as their main means of transportable communication. So it does not come as a surprise that the Connect Ohio Residential Technology Assessment finds that 80% of Ohio Residents own a cellular phone. Now with the adaptation of smart phones, these devices can be used for much more than just making a phone call.

Wireless capabilities available on smart phones are producing an increase in users who are adopting this technology as their primary means of accessing the Internet. According to a recent article from The Washington Post, “A quarter of Americans with smartphones use the devices as their main way to get onto the Internet.” Smart phones are an alternative for buying computers and paying an additional monthly bill – something especially attractive for people with lower incomes. In Ohio, the number of residents who access the Internet through a subscription to mobile broadband service is now at 31%, a significant increase from 2008 when only 13% subscribed.

The convenience of having a portable device, according to the Connect Ohio Residential Technology Assessment, is also seen in the rise of Ohio laptop computer ownership, now at 45% while desktop ownership is down 2% from 2010. Although mobile subscriptions are on the rise, the number of Ohioans who subscribe to broadband from home is still the preferred method, with 66% of Ohio residents currently having home broadband.

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