We are a neutral, bi-partisan group that works in positive, proactive ways to help families, businesses, farmers, and communities, both urban and rural.

To reach the goal of bringing broadband access, adoption, and use to all people means working together with other nonprofits, federal agencies, local and state organizations, foundations, and internet providers and associations at the national, regional, and local level.

But we understand it’s important to see our references. Below are testimonials from some of the groups and individuals we have worked with or are currently collaborating with in our efforts to extend broadband to all people.

Everyone belongs in a Connected Nation.


About Connect Michigan

Slide “We value the information Connect Michigan offers to townships around the state, and look forward to the continuation of Connect Michigan’s mission to facilitate the expansion of broadband access and use throughout the Great Lakes State.”

~Michigan Townships Association
Slide “We have found Connect Michigan to be an independent, reliable source of information and technical assistance in the realm of broadband issues.”

~Northern Lakes Economic Alliance
Slide “Connect Michigan’s community outreach and education programs, policy analyses, and broadband mapping initiatives have proven to be highly effective tools in Michigan’s continued strides toward more broadband connectivity and, ultimately, our state’s economic prosperity.”

~ Frontier Communications
Slide “There remains a strong grassroots constituency for broadband coverage across our southwest Michigan region. Connect Michigan will continue to be our first choice as an expert partner in our progression toward complete regional broadband coverage.”

~ Southwest Regional Planning Commission
Slide “Connect Michigan is constantly working to boost Michigan’s standing in the digital economy and accelerates technology economic growth in local communities across Michigan by applying proven solutions to shared challenges.”

~ Eastern Upper Peninsula Regional Planning and Development Commission
Slide “It has been through the assistance, leadership, and guidance of Connect Michigan that our community has been able to gain the much needed knowledge to begin to move forward with a clear understanding of our current service levels and the development of a plan.”

~ Barry County Chamber of Commerce
Slide “The Connect Michigan initiative has helped not only our local communities get connected, it has helped our local entrepreneurs and businesses succeed right from their own homes or businesses located outside the city limits.”

~ West Central MichiganWorks!
Slide “Connect Michigan continues to provide leaders at all levels with neutral, candid broadband advocacy and information and to convene stakeholders across multiple sectors in launching collaborative models of broadband and technology expansion.”

~ Lansing Economic Area Partnership
Slide “Connect Michigan is one of the few industry organizations that is truly independent and working in the best interests of the consumer. We feel the information we receive from Connect Michigan is neutral and un-biased.”

~ Air Advantage
Slide “It is our sincere conviction that the Connect Michigan program has made a significant difference throughout Michigan in expanding access to broadband and also by expanding the knowledge and use of this very important communication system.”

~ City of Clare
Slide “Our relationship with Connect Michigan has proven to be of great benefit not only to us but also our partners and constituents.”

~ Michigan State University, University Outreach and Engagement

About Connected Nation

Slide “Connected Nation helped guide us through the process. It was an eye-opener on what our community really needed. We actually now know the technology landscape instead of just guessing like we were before.”

~Alicia Sanchez, Executive Director of McCamey Economic Development Corporation, Texas
Slide “We have leveraged Connected Nation’s research expertise to produce comprehensive school technology inventories for Utah’s public and charter schools. Our experience with the organization in 2015 was so positive that we again chose to produce a follow-up report in 2017. Each time, the staff facilitated 100% participation among Utah’s schools with expertise that lent credibility to our efforts to improve education throughout the state. We highly value Connected Nation’s work in facilitating this research that supports our teachers, administrators, and, ultimately, our students.

~ Ray Timothy, Executive Director, Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN)
Slide “Companies are going to go where they know people have access to the internet and understand how to use it. It’s good for our schools, it attracts businesses, and it means our residents can stay here.”

~Paul Griffith, Executive Director of Michigan Works!
Slide “Connected Nation (Connect Ohio) helped our company get off the ground. If it were not for them, I'm not sure we'd be here today.”

~David Hannum, New Era Broadband
Slide “We value the information Connect Michigan (a subsidiary of CN) offers to townships around the state, and look forward to the continuation of Connect Michigan’s mission to facilitate the expansion of broadband access and use throughout the Great Lakes State.”

~Michigan Townships Association

About Our Connected Community Engagement Program

Slide “With the detailed information garnered from the program and aggregated in the Technology Action Plan, Wyandot County stakeholders now have the information to justify where efforts can be made to better enhance broadband availability and adaptability among residents and local businesses.”

~Greg Moon, Executive Director, Wyandot County Office of Economic Development, Sandusky, Ohio
Slide “We thought we’d benefit from finding out where we stood. The whole point of the certification process is to identify strengths and weaknesses. Frankly, even if you didn’t get to the certification, you would still get a blueprint for moving forward to eliminate those weaknesses.”

~Jim Erb, Mayor, Charles City, Iowa
Slide “Connected Nation is one of the easiest, hands-on, personable, helpful, and get-it-done organizations that I have ever worked with. I would encourage any community to enlist the help of Connected Nation for any of their projects.”

~ Teresa Burnett, Executive Director, Monahans Chamber of Commerce, Monahans, Texas

About Our Digital Works Program

Slide “Talking to veterans on the phone, I know it is hard for them to find work. If they have the opportunity to work with Digital Works, they can make their own income from home and be able to work anywhere. This program helps you with that gap in your job, because sometimes when you move to a new duty station, it is hard for a spouse to find a job.”

~Summer Darby, Veteran and Digital Works Graduate, Kentucky
Slide “I have made my mistake and all I was looking for was a chance. Digital Works has given me the opportunity for that chance, which makes a world of difference. his program gave me the hope that I will be able to start again and become a productive member of society, allowing me to move forward.”

~John Wallace, Digital Works Graduate, Ohio
Slide “We see this remote work as an opportunity to expand our economic tax base by our remote workers, working and security employment, with people who are out of state, bringing new money into the county to help expand that tax base.”

~ Eileen Chavez Yarborough, Cibalo Counties Economic Development, New Mexico
Slide “The resume modules showed me how to highlight actual skills that I have learned through my volunteer work. And with my son’s health issues, I’ve gotten really good at organizing, delivering medications, and advocating for his care, so I included those skills without having to show actual paid work experience,”

~ Jen Sherwood, Mother and Digital Works Graduate, Michigan