Connecting Michigan Taskforce

Virtual Listening Tour

The Connecting Michigan Taskforce is hosting the Q3 2021 Virtual Broadband Listening Tour to discuss broadband for the state of Michigan.

Participants will learn more about the activities of the taskforce, hear about federal and state broadband efforts, and provide insight and feedback to the taskforce on broadband issues and solutions in your community.

    The four sessions will be held September 14 and 15  (register below). 

    Michigan Map by Region for Virtual Listening Tour

    Twelve sessions were held between February 23rd and March 4th and were organized geographically by the regions found on the map. These were recorded for those who could not attended. Choose the session from the list below to listen to the meeting that focused on your region.


    Virtual Listening Tour by Date

    All Times are Eastern Time (EST)

    Tuesday, September 14 at 11AM
    Registration here

    Tuesday, September 14 at 1PM
    Registration here

    Thursday, September 15 at 11AM
    Registration here

    Thursday, September 15 at 1PM
    Registration here

    Click the below flipbook to review the PowerPoint for the Virtual Listening Tour or click here to download a copy.

    The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) has partnered with Connected Nation Michigan (CNMI) to address the state’s broadband challenges and to improve access, adoption, and the use of broadband technology across the state. MEDC and CNMI have formed the Connecting Michigan Taskforce (CMIT) and are working with a number of other state agencies and private sector partners to increase broadband access and adoption across the state. To learn more about the Connecting Michigan Taskforce, visit: