Technology and Curriculum Delivery: Perry County, Ohio – K-12 Schools

Technology enables new forms of educational content delivery. Between traditional classroom instruction and online-only classes lies a spectrum of web and technology-enabled methods of learning. The K-12 Survey gathered data from schools on the mixture of various intensities of technology-enabled instructional environments. The chart above shows the mix of K-12 curriculum delivery among schools in the community. Traditional: Course where no online technology used. Content is delivered in writing or orally. Web-facilitated – Course that uses web-based technology to facilitate what is essentially a face-to-face course. May use a course management system or web pages to post the syllabus and assignments. Blended – Course that blends online and face-to-face delivery. Substantial portion of the content is delivered online, uses online discussions, and has few face-to-face meetings. Online – Course where most or all of the content is delivered online. Typically has no face-to-face meetings.

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