Connected Nation Model for Broadband Expansion Recognized by Michigan State University Report

Washington, DC: The work of a Connected Nation non-profit was praised in a recently-released Michigan State University (MSU) telecommunications report, Closing the Rural Broadband Gap. The report wrote that ConnectKentucky, a Connected Nation non-profit, has successfully closed the “digital divides between young and old and better-educated and less-educated residents” in Kentucky. Press Release

Kentucky a model for broadband expansion

Chicago TribuneBy Rebecca ColeWASHINGTON — In Martin County, Ky., a remote corner of Appalachia, it can take hours to reach a doctor’s office, a simple cholesterol check costing a miner a day’s work. Link to Article

Connected Nation Sheds Light on Broadband Stimulus Provisions for State Leaders

Washington, DC: On Friday, Feb. 13, national lawmakers approved more than $7 billion for expanding broadband Internet availability nationwide as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (H.R. 1). That same day, Connected Nation, a national non-profit that helps expand access to and use of broadband, hosted a briefing to help to explain what H.R. 1 can …

Mapping in the Stimulus Plan

The New York Times recently wrote an article regarding the value of a nationwide broadband inventory as described in the federal stimulus plan. The article provides various points of view and justifications for the $350 million price tag currently allocated for a “nationwide inventory map of existing broadband service capability and availability in the United States.” Connected Nation and its …

Why Spend $350 Million to Map Broadband?

New York TimesBy Saul HansellDeep inside the stimulus bill that passed the Senate Tuesday is an allocation of up to $350 million for making a “nationwide inventory map of existing broadband service capability and availability in the United States.” This map, members of Congress say, will be helpful in making sure that the $7 billion in proposed grants to bring …

Groups Push for Broadband Stimulus

PC WorldGrant GrossThe U.S. Congress should keep money for broadband deployment in a huge economic stimulus package, despite some calls to trim it out of the bill, representatives of three groups said Friday. Link to Article

Federal Broadband Push Poses Major Opportunities for Libraries; ALA Says Local Efforts Still Needed

Source: Library JournalBy: Norman OderSo would the pending push for $9 billion in broadband assistance help libraries? Absolutely. Not only would the buildout offer connection speeds libraries desire, but the Senate bill includes at least $200 million in “competitive grants for expanding public computer center capacity, including at community colleges and public libraries.” Link to Article

Broadband Build-Out: Who Will Run the Show?

Source: Business WeekBy: Arik HesseldahlAdd broadband to the list of controversial provisions of the $900 billion economic stimulus package being debated in Congress. Included in the legislation are plans to spend $8.2 billion on fast Internet connections around the country, but a political row is shaping up over how that money will be spent and by which agency. Link to …